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About us

MYUNGJIN newtec is an innovative manufacturer and supplier of Special Chemicals focused on preservatives for the personal care and related industries. With our microbial control technology and solutions, we offer technical support services and insights to help customers creating new and improved products. We are particularly specialized in the production of Preservatives used in wet wipes and cosmetic products.

[ Registered Patents ]

101476093 A composition for water tissue
101581450 Antiseptic composition for water tissue
101525987 Antiseptic composition for water tissue

  • Nation’s first venture company in the field of preservative industry
  • Technology partnership with Boryung Medience
  • Technology for concentrated preservatives
  • 3patents granted and 4patens applied

The Role of preservatives

Why we need preservatives?
The main purpose of preservatives is to extend shelf life of a product and to allow it to keep fresh until the consumer finishes using it.
Preservatives help keep commercial products free from bacteria, fungi, and other microorganisms.
Wet wipes and cosmetic products are susceptible to microbial contamination, causing product spoilage and possible irritation or infections caused by harmful.
Under ambient temperatures and humidity, additives such as emollients, natural materials, solvent, surfactants and etc.
can be sources of nutrients for microbial growth in wet wipes products.
Therefore, an appropriate preservative system should be taken to control the growth of microbes and to maintain product integrity.
We strive for innovative and reliable solutions as we develop alternative preservatives which are safer and milder for human body and skin.
Our products are effective and reliable alternatives to paraben-or phenoxyethanol-based preservative blends.
Ingredients of our products are listed in the ingredient statement as a preservative or cosmetic ingredient approved by Korean regulatory agency(Ministry of food and drug safety,MFDS) as well as international regulation (EC, US EPA and CTFA).